Are N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission of coronavirus?

by Katie

N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission of coronavirus? Living with the coronavirus is now an essential tool for dealing with masks. There are different types of masks in society. But what are these masks that contribute the most to our protection against the coronary virus?

Different face masks

1. Basic fabric face masks. (Basic face masks)

Basic fabric face masks

This is a face mask that you can use in everyday life. Recommended for public use, these face masks are recommended to wear when going to a grocery store, gas station, or another open public place.

2. Surgical face masks. (Surgical face masks)

Surgical face masks

Made from a disposable material, these face masks are worn by medical professionals conducting COVID19 tests and cover not only their nose and mouth but also their eyes, cheeks, and forehead.

3. N95 respirator

N95 masks

This type of face mask is not found in the general population and is very suitable for health workers and medical first responders. These masks should only be reserved for those who are truly essential and please do not use this type of mask unless you are working directly with patients. This is because the supply of this type of face mask is currently in short supply. this is the best N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission.

4. Facepiece respirator. (Phase face filtering)

Facepiece respirator
Facepiece respirator

This is another face mask made from a disposable material that is not normally used to stop the spread of airborne diseases and can be used to reduce exposure to particles from wood dust, animal pollution, and pollen. This type of face mask is recommended for people with allergies during the epidemic.

5. KN95 respirator. (KN95 respirator)

KN95 masks

Very similar to the N95 respirator, these face masks capture about 95% of the tiny particles in the air.

6. Full-length shield. (Full-Length Face Shield)

Full-length shield

This type of face mask worn by welders is made of a soft plastic material such as glass. It covers the entire face from forehead to chin and is attached to the head with a cushion-like strap. This type of face mask is not recommended during the COVID19 epidemic and can cause breathing difficulties over time.

Are N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission of coronavirus?

N95 masks effective at lowering the risk of transmission of viral diseases, but they can’t reduce the risk to zero.

The N95 mask is one of nine dust coatings approved by the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), with N representing a filter material that can filter non-oily particles, and 95 represents at least 95% air particle filtration. Disposable N95 face mask covers can protect the respiratory system from absorbing certain specific particles. Dust produced by grinding, cleaning, and processing of minerals, powders, and other liquids can be prevented.

Simply put, the N95 face mask is the National Occupational Safety and Health Association’s standard for filtering at least 95% of airborne magazines or aerosols 0.3 microns or larger in diameter. Masks that meet this standard are called N95 masks effective.

Also known as N95 face mask European standard FFP2 masks, masks have a minimum filtering percentage of 95% and a maximum leakage of 8%. They are mainly used by construction, agricultural, and healthcare professionals against the influenza virus.

Specific features of N95 masks effective in preventing the transmission of coronavirus

N95 masks have several special properties to prevent corona transmission. They are as follows.

  1. Single-use.
  2. Without glass fibers.
  3. Hypoallergenic.
  4. provides good air permeability.
  5. The face mask has a changeable mask design.
  6. High filtration capacity.
  7. Perfect fit for disposable N95 over face mask.
  8. Without a breathing valve.
  9. NIOSH 95 certified.
  10. Designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dust, smoke, vapors, and gases.

Shortage of N95 face masks in some markets?

Manufacturers of N95 face masks around the world have stepped up sales of respiratory protection products amid global fears of a coronavirus outbreak that began in China and spread worldwide. Under the current situation, many countries around the world have seen N95 face masks and other breathable masks, and consumers are stockpiling and intimidating, leading to a significant shortage of N95 face masks in some markets.

How to wear an N95 face mask?

n95 face mask
N95 face mask

There is a definite way that all masks should be worn. Then we can be protected by the corona. It can not be worn as you think. N95 masks also have the benefits of being worn properly.

  1. Wash your hands properly
  2. When the face loop joins close to your ear (connecting the loop to the main part of the cover), place an ear lobe over one ear.
  3. Make sure the nose bar is positioned above the bridge of the nose
  4. Pull the remaining earrings over the other ear
  5. Push down on both sides of the bridge of the nose and fasten to the nose
  6. Extend and extend the bottom of the face mask to cover the chin area.

Can the N95 face mask be reused?

The N95 face masks should not be washed or reused. Washing the mask will damage the filter part of the cover so that it no longer acts as a barrier device.

How long can we wear an N95 face mask?

N95 face masks are recommended for one use. It should be discarded after contact with an infected patient, or if the mask is damaged, wet or dirty or not properly sealed. Wash your hands after removing and disposing of a mask that is suspected to be infected.

How to remove a mask?

How to remove a mask
how to remove mask from face

Pull the straps over your head and remove the mask. You can throw away the mask and store it in a clean or sealed container or bag. Avoid touching the mask as it can be dirty.

You will now understand that we need to choose the right face mask and wear it properly to properly protect against the coronavirus. I hope this gives you some idea of the special benefits of N95 face masks. I appreciate your comments. Have a nice day!

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