How to Drink Green Tea & Best 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea

How to Drink Green Tea

Health is one of the greatest gifts of God. You may have listened many times that health is wealth. For physical well being, one can never deny the benefits of green tea. Green tea has natural components that have numerous health benefits. It is one of those natural herbs, which have the ability to fight against cancerous cells. Green tea is a natural health booster herb and is providing benefits to humanity since ages. This article will cover all about green tea and drink green tea, from its making to its numerous health benefits.

Our article will cover:

  • How to make green tea so healthy
  • How to drink green tea
  • Is there any reason not to drink green tea
  • How much green tea should you drink
  • Green tea vs matcha
  • 7 health benefits of green tea

How to make green tea so healthy

This Video is How to make Green Tea right way.
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You must be wondering why this is even included in the topic section while it is a very simple task to make a cup of green tea. It is not at all true. Let us show you how. Making a cup of green tea is an easy task, but making it a healthy one is not so simple. To make sure that your cup of green tea is as healthy as it should be, focus on the following points:

  • Never add your green tea in boiling water; it will destroy the healthy chemicals in it. Rather, always add it in the water with a temperature around 160 degrees to get the maximum health benefits out of it.
  • The healthy chemicals in green tea will get absorbed quickly in your body if you take them with Vitamin C. The best example to this is, add lemon juice to your green tea. 
  • Always remember to take the natural plant of green tea if you can, rather going for canned products. Natural herbs have more health benefits.

How to drink green tea

How to drink green tea
Why is drinking green tea regularly so good for you?

Drinking green tea is not as simple as just sip it from a cup of it. Rather, if you want to get the maximum health benefits of green tea, it’s necessary to drink it at the right time. The most beneficial times of drinking green tea are:

  • Drink it between your meals because it will help in the absorption of iron in your body
  • Drink it before you do exercise to boost up your energy
  • Drink it a few hours before your bedtime to have a healthy sleep

Is there any reason not to drink green tea

At one side where green tea has numerous health benefits, it has some drawbacks on the other side. There are some side effects of drinking it very often or drinking it at the wrong time. Following is the list:

  • We all know that excess of everything is not good for our health. It goes with green tea too. If you drink it very often, you may be caught up with an overdose of caffeine in your body, which is absolutely not good for your health. 
  • If you drink green tea on an empty stomach, it may upset your stomach due to the presence of some chemicals in it, which produce acidity in an empty stomach.
  • Excessive consumption of green tea will not only lose your weight, but it will reduce the amount of iron in your body.

How much green tea should you drink

We eat or drink everything in a balance, and we should do the same with the green tea as well. We should not increase its intake to lose weight fast because it will give harm to our body. For getting the most benefits out of drinking green tea, it is a good habit to drink two to three cups a day. The more you drink it, the more is the chance to have its side effects on your health. 

Green tea vs matcha

Green tea and matcha are the derivations of the same plant. However, green tea often comes into the market in the form of teabags, whereas matcha comes in a pure powder form. Due to the whole tree leaves blend in matcha, it is more concentrated than green tea. In addition, matcha has a more intense flavour than green tea. The major difference between green tea and matcha is their harvesting process. Other than that, they taste nearly name and have the same health benefits. 

health benefits of green tea
Green tea may support weight management

7 health benefits of green tea

Following are the seven health benefits of green tea:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Treats heartburn
  3. Maintain the level of sugar in the blood
  4. Helps indigestion
  5. Helps in heart disease
  6. Improves metabolism
  7. Prevent from cancer

Reduce inflammation

Green tea has natural components that give relief from inflammation. Doctors have proved that many diseases have the same root cause, and that is inflammation. From the list of natural herbs that can cure inflammation, green tea is at the top. You can drink it twice od thrice a day to get rid of inflammation. 

Treats heartburn

Heartburn is a condition that produces a burning sensation in your chest, and you feel that some hot waves are coming straight from your stomach to your chest. This is the worst condition, and it can be solved with green tea. Consume green tea in a small quantity every day, and you will feel the relief. 

Maintain the level of sugar in the blood

If you are a diabetes patient, then green tea is your best friend. Consume two cups of green tea daily, and your blood sugar will never increase. Many studies have proved that doctors have felt a sense of Sighs from diabetes patients after drinking green tea regularly. Try it to bring ease in your life.

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Helps indigestion

Digestion is a factor that has a huge impact on your hunger, and you will get weaker day by day. A sound digestive system is a reason for a healthy body. If you are facing any digestive issues, drink green tea daily, and get relief from the problems of digestion.

Helps in heart disease

weight-loss exercises
Green tea may also help the boost body function.

Many chronic heart patients feel relief after drink green tea regularly. A Japanese study has shown the fact that people who drink green tea daily have a very small ratio of dying from heart diseases than the people who don’t drink green tea. 

Improves metabolism

We may take it on a lighter note, but metabolism is the only thing, which has a huge impact on our body functioning. A good metabolism significantly reduces the chance of obesity. The reason for losing weight from drink green tea is, it helps in improving your metabolism. As a result, you will lose your weight real quick.

Prevent from cancer

Cancer is a disease not very common but life-threatening. We all are aware of its name, and somewhere in our minds, w are afraid of it. It is scientifically proven that drink green tea daily will reduce the chance of making cancerous cells in our body. The main reason is the presence of antioxidants in green tea, which helps in fighting cancer-causing cells.

Green tea hasnumerous benefits for our health in all ways. However, it is important to check the source of your green tea before drinking it to get the maximum health benefits

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